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"I don't live off chicken and broccoli, so I don't expect my clients to either."

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I help people by giving them a better understanding of food, nutrition and exercise, finding a balance that works sustainably for the individual.


In my early teens I was like most people, I wanted to improve myself but didn't know how or have the confidence to implement the things I did know.

After finally getting on the right track after years of trial and error, I started to see results physically and psychologically. This is when I realised I'd found my passion. At age 15 I knew I wanted to work in the fitness industry.

I know what it's like to feel lost and it's my job to help you feel happy, healthy and confident.



After going to Portsmouth University to study Sport and Exercise Science (BSc), I completed my level 3 to become qualified as a personal trainer and have been working in the industry ever since.

As my career progressed I started to realise how important nutrition was; whether you want to improve your health, performance, or body composition - good nutrition is paramount.

This is why I have completed multiple nutrition qualifications and am dedicated to being the best evidence based nutritionist I can be.

I also recently attained my MSc in Obesity & Clinical Nutrition at UCL, a globally renowned university. I graduated with a Distinction and my research project was nominated for the Dean's Research Prize for being "the most impressive Research Project" out of all the students on my program.


Whatever your goals are, I will use all my knowledge and experience to help you achieve them.


Tailored coaching services. Both in-person and online options available.



Let me optimise your employees health and productivity. 

The best time to start was yesterday.

The next best time is now.

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