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"In an industry full of pseudoscience, I pride myself on being an 'evidence based' personal trainer and nutritionist."

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I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients. I have worked with high level athletes to those have never been in the gym before and just want to lose some weight.



Whether you work with me in-person or online, I base the advice for all my services on what the weight of the science says, not conjecture or FAD diets.

That being said, being an evidence based nutritionist doesn't mean my advice is only moulded by science, but also my personal experience and what I have seen to work with hundreds of clients (online and in-person) over the years.

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Calories are the number one thing that are going dictate whether you lose or gain weight! Work out how many calories YOU need here!



Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, performance and/or health based, I will make your goals my goals.

Personal Trainer based near Old Street and Moorgate.
  1. Data Collection

    I will collect as much information about YOU as possible. What your current situation is, what your aims are, and how I can help facilitate these goals.

  2. Tailored Plan

    I will then create a plan designed around your personal needs and preferences. No cookie cutter programs will be found here.

  3. Support & Accountability

    We will begin your journey and I will be there to help you implement your goals and provide support every step of the way.

  • What Kyle has to say:

    "After investing a lot of time and energy into trying to take care of myself, i was still not happy with the results. So when the opportunity came up to have a consultation with Luke, I jumped at it. To my surprise his advice was not to change absolutely everything in the way I ate/lived. He gave me a few easy steps to follow and the weight I wanted to lose for my wedding flew off over the next 4 months. I lost 11kgs. This immensely improved my athletic performance, allowing me to knock 7mins off my 5KM PB for the year and run my first ever sub-2-hour Half Marathon. I'd highly recommend working with him!"

  • What Ragen has to say:

    "30lbs down and I now have full confidence that I can continue to lose weight in a way that’s healthy for me mentally and physically! I don’t have to binge eat out of fear that I’ll never get to eat my favourite foods again! I just factor them in, in moderation. You rock, Luke! This has changed my life!"

  • What Isaac has to say:

    "I thought my diet was good, until I started working with Luke. He's not only helped me lose a stone, but also improve my strength and performance which is important for me as I play high level rugby. He's always there if you need him and just an extremely nice guy!"

  • What Jane has to say:

    "I originally started working with Luke to help me be as healthy as possible in order to give me the best chances of having a child. The treatment of IVF was successful after the very first round. I didn't have any side effects and was told I was strong. I truly believe that all the training and improvements in diet I went through with Luke prepared my body to cope really well!"


Over my career I have coached hundreds of people both in-person and online to improve both their training and diet.

I have a wealth of experience working with people of all ages, abilities and who all have individual goals and needs. But don't just take my word for it, here are some examples.


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